Welcome to Worldwide Perishables Canada

By Land
Our temperature controlled trucks and trailers can transport your product in a timely manner at competitive rates.
By Air
We have formed strategic partnerships with airlines all over the world to ensure our customers on time delivery of their products.
By Sea
We provide our customers with a full range of ocean freight forwarding services

Worldwide Perishables Canada Co. is an International Freight Forwarding company strategically located in the new Gateway Facilities ULC. This new, state-of-the-art 40,000 sq ft facility is prominently located at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport airside subdivision, with 7,000 sq. ft. of temperature controlled cargo space and direct airside access. Two gates can handle a B757 and a B747-400 freighter simultaneously.

In this new facility, the largest of its kind north of Miami, cargo is moved from refrigerated space to the aircraft cargo door in less than two minutes. We built our company specializing in the logistics of perishable products worldwide. Our goal was to move perishable products around the world in a timely, efficient manner with full control over temperature at all times, ensuring our customers the freshest quality possible. As our business and demand grew, we further diversified to include the movement of non-perishable products worldwide. At Worldwide Perishables we treat ALL freight with the same hands-on care and attention to detail required for perishable freight!